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Welcome to our learning center. We are not just in the business of constructing environmentally safe Pools, fountains and waterfalls, we want to make sure you are as well prepared for how to take care of your new feature as well. Please visit each of the links below and learn more about Algae care, Biological Filtration, and more!

Algae Management

Although naturally occurring in most bodies of water on our planet, we don't seem too comfortable with it in our backyard pools. So begins the saga of how to keep it out of your pool, pond, water garden, or fountain.

Learn more about algae management

Biological Filtration

Robin's Nest is a leader in Biological Filtration in New England. Their 25 years of experience, hard work, and intuitive design and engineering will leave you with a smile on your face and enjoying every moment.

Read about our bio filtration system

Water Garden FAQ

Have a question? Check our our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don't find your answer there, please feel free to contact us, we are always willing to answer any questions you have.

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Aquatics Plants

Plant Choices Subject to availability at the time!

8″ Marginals
10″ Marginals

Arrow Arum: Glossy Green Foliage

Arrowhead Leopard Spot: White Flower

Arrowhead: White Blossom

Bamboo Dwarf: Green Foliage

Bog Bean: White Fragrant

Bulrush Green: Brown Seed Head

10″ Bulrush Variegated: Green/White Foliage

10″ Canna Black Knight DWF: Deep Red Burgundy Foliage/Tropical

10″ Canna Longwood: Salmon/Tropical

10″ Canna Stadt Feltbach: Peach Orange/Tropical

10″ Canna Variegated: Yellow Striped Beauty

Cattail Minima: Sm. Brown Catkin

Chameleon Plant: Tri-color foliage Exceptional addition

Clover Variegated: Variegated Foliage/Floats/Spreads

Forget Me not: Sky Blue Clusters

Giant Horsetail: Large Bushy

Giant Pickerel Rush: Blue flower/lush green

Giant Vari. Reed Grass: Pampas Like Plumes

Iris Blue Flag: Blue Purple

Iris versicolor Deep Rose: Two Tone Pink

Iris Versicolor Wild Wine: Two Tone Pink, Lighter Than Deep Rose

Iris Yellow Flag Vari.: Showy Yellow Variegated Foliage

Iris Yellow Flag: Yellow (Needs Regular Division)

Lavender Musk: Profuse Lavender Bloom Mid Summer

Lizards Tail: White Droopy Flower Spikes

Lobelia Cardinalis: Intense Red Blooms

Marsh Marigold Giant: Yellow First Bloomer in the Spring

Micro Mini Cattail: The Smallest Cattail

Needle Rush: Grass Like

Palm Umbrella DWF: Tropical/Excellent Foliage

Palm Umbrella: Tropical/Excellent Foliage

Papyrus Dwarf/Giant: Large Seed Head Flower

Papyrus Dwarf Tropical: Unique Flower

Pickerel Rush: Blue/Purple Flower Spike

Pickerel Rush White: Unique White Spike

Rain Lily: White Star Shaped Grass Like Foliage (Beautiful)

Rush Corkscrew: Spiral Curly Foliage

Rush Soft: Reed Texture

Rush Spike: Needle Foliage

Society Garlic: Delicate Green/White Foliage Lite Pink Bloom/Aromatic

Star Grass: White Star Bloom

Strawberries/Cream Grass: White Green Pink Blades

Sweet Flag Variegated: Bold Variegated Foliage

Sweet Flag: Green Foliage

Taro Green: Tropical/Large Elephant Ear Shaped Foliage

Water Celery: Small White Clusters of Flowers

Water Celery Variegated: Tri-Colored Foliage

Water Mint: Lilac Blooms/Aromatic Foliage

Water Poppy: Tropical/Lite Yellow Lily Like Foliage

Water Baby’s Breath: White Breath Like Sprays

Zebra Rush: Green Spike/Cream Bands


Albert Greenburg:

  • Chg. pink/orange/apricot
  • Med/Lg.
  • Robust/blooms into fall

Blue Beauty:

  • Large rich blue blossoms
  • Lg.
  • Profuse blm/Fragrant


  • Speckled bud/Striking
  • Elevated

Margaret Randig:

  • Lrg. Fragrant Dk. Blue
  • Med/Lg.
  • Long Season Many Blooms

Martin Randig:

  • Soft Pink/Speckled Leaf
  • Med/Lg.
  • Long Season Many Blooms

Pink Star:

  • Soft Pink Yellow Ctr.
  • Med.
  • Very Fragrant/Elevates High


  • Purple Blooms/Yellow Ctr.
  • Med.
  • Vibrant/ Best Tropical

Tropical Night Bloomers:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • White


Water Hyacinth Tropical: Lavender blue bloom spikes
Water Lettuce Tropical: Light Green

Hardy Water Lilies


  • White/hint of pink/mottled leaf
  • Med/Lg.
  • Purple/bronze pink /Ivory


  • Lg. Garnet/Green Leaf
  • Med/Lg.
  • Very Vigorous

Berit Strawn:

  • Orange/Yellow/mottled leaf
  • Sm/Md.
  • Exceptional in Tubs

Charlene Strawn:

  • Mid. Yellow/Grn. leaf
  • Med/Lg.
  • Elevates Blossom/Fragrant takes shade


  • Vigorous Yellow
  • Sm/med.
  • Free Blooming


  • Salmon pink/glossy leaf
  • Med/Lg.
  • Heavy Impressive leaves


  • Apricot to copper/Olive leaf
  • Med./Lg.
  • Blooms/takes some shade


  • Rich pink/dk. leaf
  • Many blooms/long season


  • Hot pink/deep grn. leaf
  • Med/Lg.
  • Orange stamen/cup shaped blossom


  • Heaviest Blooming Yellow
  • Mini
  • Great for tub gardens

oey Tomocik:

  • Lemon Yellow Mottled leaf
  • Robust/our heaviest bloomer


  • Deep rose/green leaf
  • Prolific Bloomer/Fragrant


  • Lg. Dbl. Fushia
  • Profuse Bloomer

Native White:

  • Wht. Yellow Ctr./gr. leaf
  • Fragrant/ Deep Water

Native Yellow:

  • Yellow Ball/very lg. leaf
  • Colder/deeper water dependable

Peach Glow:

  • Elevated peach cup shape
  • Med.
  • Double peach prolific

Pink Opal:

  • Coral red/cup shaped
  • Med.
  • Elevated bloom/good for cutting

Queen of Whites:

  • White yellow ctr.
  • Med/ Lg.
  • Cup shaped free blooming


  • Brilliant Red/mottled
  • Sm/med
  • Compact plant

Rose Arey:

  • Rose Pink
  • Med.
  • Fragrant star shaped


  • Yellow to copper/bronze
  • Sm/med.
  • Star shaped bloom


  • Cherry red bloom
  • Sm./Med
  • Prolific good for tubs


  • Strawberry pink/reddish leaf
  • Med/Lg.
  • Early bloomer/Fragrant

Sunny Pink:

  • Soft Pink/lush green
  • Med/Lg.
  • Multiple Blooms/floats on water

Texas Dawn:

  • Yellow blossom/Freckled
  • Med/Lg.
  • Lg.Peony shaped


  • Pure white/lush green leaf
  • Med/Lg.
  • Very fragrant/Lgst. White